Im resetting the intonation on my RGX with a floyd rose.

All was fine until i got the to the G. Its set now but the saddle is as far as it will go toward to neck.

On the B string I have moved the saddle as far as it will go to the bridge but its still very flat.

What can I do to to fix this?
if your guitar string fretted is playing flat you need to move the saddle towards the neck.
Are your strings old? Are you testing the fretted 12 against the 12th harmonic, right?
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Are your strings old? Are you testing the fretted 12 against the 12th harmonic, right?

Yep, but its still not working
not to insult your intelligence but your fretted note is the flat one, correct?
eww, i don't know, some guitars saddles can be turned around enough to compensate but I don't think you can do that with a FR trem. So this is what your gonna have to do. Approach someone who know's more about this than I do. ha ha just kidding good luck.
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maybe try using your tuning pegs...
who would have guessed.

Probably the biggest fail I've seen in a week.

Now, you are ABSOLUTELY SURE that you are intonating it properly?

It could be because your guitar is of low quality. My high E and B strings are always slightly sharp regardless of intonation and my guitar is a cheapie.
For those who care.
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It is hard to know without seeing it, but something is very wrong. If it isn't you, it may be a physical problem with the way the bridge is situated. My next question would be: Have you modded it? If not, why are you setting the intonation? Another, are you using a reliable strobe tuner? Did you change the gauge of your strings? FRs can be tricky. If you make any sort of tension change, you may need to adjust several "controls", to keep it properly balanced. Example: Heavier strings may require resetting the spring tension, etc.......
Obvious question: Is the bridge level to the body? If it's sunken in or to high or anything, you're intonation will be messed up aswell.
Another thing: is the neck properly set up? A warped neck will also give intonation problems.
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Floyd Rose style saddles have more than one hole for the intonation screw. If you can't get intonated on the current hole, detune the string, completely loosen the intonation screw, and carefully slide it in the direction you need to go until the screw drops into the next hole. Re-tune and fine tune.
start with a level bridge, like said.

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So im having another crack at it and ive read all the advice,

Bridge is level with the body.

The FR is blocked so its not goign anywhere.

Ive changed the saddle hole to the very last one and slid the saddle as far as
it goes toward the neck,

Tune to open note (e.g. G), at 12th fret note is flat