I've been playing guitar nearly 2 years. I would like to be able to play a second instrument and bass is the obvious choice. So I have 3 questions.
1. What is the best bass for starting with?
2. Would I be able to play my bass through my guitar amp, or should I by a bass amp?
3. If yes to question two, what would be a good beginner bass amp?
Your help would be greatly appreciated.
1.i like a good fender in that price range
2. absolutely not, buy a bas amp
3. depends on budget, if low fender if high g-k
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1. I prefer ESP
2. You COULD, but DON'T
3. I prefer Crates

But, it really depends on what you want to play.
1. squier vintage modified
2. you could but its not worth it
3. peavey max 126 or any of the other peavey max series of bass amps i recommend the 126 because its only $70 and sounds great.
1. If you can get go for a Fender MIM Standard Jazz or a Squire Vintage Modified Jazz Bass
2.Buy a Bass Amp. Unless, you want to blow your guitar amp.

Seriously though, buy a Bass Amp.
3. Just do not go Behringer. I have one right now and it is an awful ride.
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ok im a noob at slapping. Is it my strings or do i just suck at slapping? I have a squier fender J bass(im a noob). Im thinking of getting Ibanez GSR200

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1. If you're looking for something cheap yet yet good for beginners get a squire starter kit. (thats what I did)
2. No, get a bass amp, I think the starter kit comes with one.
3. Yorkville BassMaster XM50C Bass Combo Amp

1. Try Squier (for passive pickups) or Ibanez (for active pickups)...

2. DON'T DO THAT !!! You might just blow your amp and guitar amps are not designed for low end tone/frequence.

3. It depends (What's your budget? Musicstyle? Is it for your bedroom or bandroom)... I like Red Hot;Tool;Isis;The End;Porcupine Tree's Bass sounds (just to name a few)...

I use Gallien-Kruger's Artist 1001 RB II (Head)+Gallien & Krüger 410 RBX (Cabinet) for bands and gigs (allround sound, good for almost every style they keep the low very well... and a wide choice on the settings) and Peavey Blazer 158 for home (loud enough and good tone). Yorkville and Hughes & Kettner seemed okay to me too.

I wouldn't recommend them:
Hartke (Clumsy sound-hard to control sound, not much options on the settings).
Markbass (Too vintage sound, I prefer modern bass sound).

In any case try everything you can (you're your best advice) before buying it. Try different styles, settings, etc. (you should be able to hear what you play, no matter what string or fret you play, not just low-end-sludge).

In my experience, it seems easier to get a decent sound with guitars then basses.

Good luck!
1. SX's are good learning bass's just get it setup at your local shop.
2.No, you need a BASS AMP for a BASS.
3. I started with a Peavey (still have it) and it has held up for years of practicing.
Since your beginning don't really worry about tone TOO much. Anyways you can get a good tone out of my SX and Peavey.
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I wouldn't recommend them:
Hartke (Clumsy sound-hard to control sound, not much options on the settings).
Markbass (Too vintage sound, I prefer modern bass sound).

S'funny. I've heard, and experienced, the complete opposite of both of those statements. The Hartke's I tried were very good, and very versatile with their EQs. They have, I think, 2 bands of shelving and then 10 bands of graphic control and are hard to control. There isn't much more control out there, and considering you use a GK, which, if memory serves, have a 4 band EQ, it seems surprising you said that. Also, MarkBass are usually regarded as one of the best modern bass amp companies out there. Unless of course you tried their new tube combo.

At any rate, Ben's right, all of this is in the EQ. And evento retain a shred of decency in this thread we need a price range.
I think it's great, this is like the quintessential bass forum newcomer thread. If ever there was a sign that we need a better way to direct the newcomers to the FAQs, this is it. I love it.
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Ibanez Sound gear > any squire in that price range.

Actually, I prefered the tone of a Squire Jazz. Different people have different preferences. Hence why there isn't just one bass manufacturere in the world that produces the perfect bass.
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