What are some hardcore and hardcore related bands that you both like and dislike? Make a list of bands you like and a list of bands you dislike.
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no thanks

edit: okay, I like stormtroopers of death
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Awesome. S.O.D are killer. "Start spreading the news...you're dead" haha.

Hey, TS, what are your favourites? Where's your list? I dont care, but you know, you coulda got the ball rolling...
Well, since I'm listening to Insect warfare right now, I like them I guess. I do not like ummm, hmmmm, I don't like Bury your dead, I guess.
I enjoy Sick of it All, This Is Hell, Hatebreed, Disfear, Black Flag, and Cruel Hand. I've enjoyed what I've heard of Death Before Dishonor and Donnybrook.

If we're including metalcore, then I like The Acacia Strain, Killswitch Engage, All That Remains, Converge, Between the Buried and Me, and God Forbid.

If I haven't mentioned it here, I probably don't like it.
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