'scuse me, whoever knows how to make good accurate tabs on guitar pro or power tab, can some1 make a good bass tab for 311's "Getting Through to Her"? its a GREAT song but i dont hav the professionalism to sound it out myself or make my own tab, especially with those tabbing programs, and especially with my 4-string bass.

P-Nut may use maybe a 5 or 6 string bass, but can some1, a friggin genius of some sort, and/or some1 who knows exactly wutthwy'r doing with the tabbing programs or texting tabs try to make a good power tab or guitar pro 4-string bassline or even a good text 4-string bass tab for this song pleez?

see, in some songs that use 5 or 6-string basslines, i just switch to the same notes in the higher octives for the notes that i cant hit on a 5th or 6th string, u know? try something like that, cuz i cant do that with this song very well, its so unique and professional. i could probably play it if i could just see a tab to it on a 4-string bassline
u know wut? never mind. i'v figured out how to do it myself. i cant believe it i sounded the whole thing out on a four-string!