I've been trying to download a video from Google and put it on my PSP. The video is here.

I'm clicking on the link with the red arrow below.

After I download it, I copy it to my PSP. Here's where it gets weird. When I watch it on my PSP (or even on my computer by opening the downloaded file) the audio is off by about a second or two. I can watch the video on Google, and the audio is fine. What's the deal? If someone has an Ipod or a PSP, can you please try downloading this file and then watching it. Or hell, I guess you could dowlnoad it and watch it on your computer. Please let me know if the audio is a bit off. Be patient though...it takes about six minutes into the video for things to get going.

Also, if you have dial-up...don't bother. The file is about 200MB.
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