Okay i have a Gibson SG faded guitar and im lookin for a second guitar to use and heres my options (if you have anything else just let me know)

1. ESP VIPER 400
2. Schecter Tempest Custom

Im looking for sumthing cheap to use ya kno

As for my sound, I play metal and hardcore and some cleans, for examples just check out my band

thanks in advance!
the viper would keep your SG look and sound pretty consistant. i would go with that. it's a sturdy piece of gear too.
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choose the esp or a jackson kelly is only 300 that or the jackson rr3 rhoads or something i played it it was pretty cool mightve been the amp though
Dude you don't need a guitar forums approval of guitar choice to decide which one to get. Just try them both out and decide which one feels better and has the sounds you were looking for.