I recently just put a new maple v neck and bridge on my squier strat i bought four years ago. It feels amazing and plays great when i play it right through my fender pro junior. But when i play it through dynacomp>big muff>delay, i seem to get an overwhelming feedback. It never did this before i put the neck and bridge on, and the neck used to be rosewood. I think it may be either the neck, or the resonance of the springs in the tremolo. Any ideas?
If you are using your tube amps distortion and have a big muff over it, then it increases the gain and causes feedback, the solution is a noise suppressor.
If not, then you might need to readjust your delay controls.
But you should get a noise suppressor anyways.
nope im not using my amps natural distortion when im using effects. Its pretty much clean. My setup works perfectly with my godin lg.
The Polarity of the output jack on the guitar is wrong, in simple words, the white wire is were the black one should be and,etc.
One of my friends guitars had this problem, so I looked at the jack and compared it with one of my guitars, and the wires were soldered on different than mine, so I switched the wires on my friends guitar around and it was good.