I just installed a Gotoh Floyd Rose into a guitar that I've been building, and it doesn't seem to stay in tune... according to my tuner. It sounds good to the ear because it's relatively tuned, however, when I dive it or make it scream, it doesn't return exactly to its original position; it's usually a little sharp or flat according to my tuner. Is this normal?
did you reset your intonation on your neck after you put the floyd on?
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Ah, so it's not normal. And, yeah, I locked the nut, stretched the strings, but I'm not sure what is meant by "reset the intonation on your neck" ... How would I do that?

Also, I machined about a quarter of an inch off the block to fit it into the body, So, if I can't get it to work any other way, I'll just have to spend five bucks on a new block and figure out another way to make it look decent in the guitar. I'd heard that the BC Rich custom shop acrylic guitars had shorter trem blocks... am I mistaken or is there some way to make this work?
I've been looking at the guitar. When I dive the tremolo it clicks just a little bit when it goes back to center. The click isn't audible, you can just feel it. The tremolo doesn't touch anywhere except on the studs. I'd thought that the click might just be the angle change on the studs, but I'm not sure. Also, is the claw supposed to rest on the roof of the spring cavity? When under tension the claw is pulled up against the body of the guitar. Is it possible that the claw is causing the tension not to be consistent?

Sorry for the double post.
sounds a little similar to when i changed strings on my jackson for the first time if the setup of the floyd rose gets thrown off then it needs to be re set up and also to set the intonation you play the open string then the harmonic at the 12th fret i believe and then adjust the saddles forward or back depending on if it is flat or sharp
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The clicking sounds like the springs in the back are catching on the wood. That used to happen to mine X_X