Hey, its wolf out on the prowl again, and I have an "important" query. (Well, it's important to me.) I was looking for a good practice/jam amp for myself, for under 200$, and I looked at the MG15DFX, the Roland Cube, and the AD15VT (Vox). I decided to youtube them and i really liked the sounds of each of them. Which one should i get?
AD15VT if you want to play less gainy stuff, Cube for more modern, gainy stuff.

No to the MG.
The MG is out of the question.

Cube if you like metal.

Also, next time, use the search bar up top. This thread has been done literally thousands of times.
I have the AD15VT, and it is awesome. The built in effects are actually quite good, and there is a lot that you can do with it. I love it more every day.
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The MG is out of the question.
Cube if you like metal.

Best advice you've got in this entire thread.
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Yngwi3, You win this whole monstrosity of a thread.

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If you're going to be playing high-gain stuff, and almost only high gain stuff, the Cube is a good option.
If you're going to be playing general rock, not too heavy, the AD15VT would definitely do the job.
If you want your tone to sound like a moose being circumcised, by all means go for the MG.

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I just got an AD15VT, but had a cube 30 for a weekend to go head to head with it. First of all, I'm a beginner so take this with a few grains of salt. I am still learning to play but play mostly 80's metal and hard rock. The Vox sounds so much more 'alive' than the cube, especially on the cleans and low gain models. In terms of gain, I felt I had more control with the vox b/c of the amp vol and gain dials along with the amps master. I could fine tune more. Lastly, everything I tried to play on the cube sounded as if it had the same gain as the cube....at least for the types of stuff I was playing.

I'd go for the Vox. It's pretty incredible. I'm just still debating if it's worth it to get the 30 watt b/c of the master volume since I only play at very low levels late at night.