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im good and had a teacher
31 20%
im good and learnt from books/internet
76 50%
i suck....
46 30%
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Well ive been playing guitar for about a year and a half now and slowly progressing and i am wondering if anyone got really good by being self taught or did they have a teacher and guide them? And if they were self taught how did you do it?
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I took 2 months of lessons but they helped not at all, I taught myself to sweep, 8 finger tap, and pinch harmonics and I've only been playing for 10 months. I learnt primarily from books vids and other things on the net.
Books & internet.
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I taught my self with booklets that basicaly just showed you how to form chords. I bought my first guitar from a place in catskill NY called birdland music. it was an acoustic aria. it was on sale for 125. I also bought a bag for it. the neck was a bit weak and the stings a bit tight. but for starting out it was perfect for me. the first song I taught myself was mr tamborine man. back then I had only heard the byrds version of it. the first song I wrote was "man this rock is cold". I played it in the cafateria for my friends years later and they loved it a lot more then I expected. unfortunatly years later I went into catskill and found the birdland was know where to be found. my second guitar is my danelectro reissue. I got it and a dano mini amp for 150$! definitaly a steal.
I taught myself to play house of the rising sun from a songbook my sister had (she used to play guitar then she quit like...16 years ago...) but after that i got a first act strat ripoff and found UG (didnt become a member till a couple years later tho...) then i got a teacher but that was mostly just a paid jam session (hell i didnt spend any money on it lol)... I dont really consider myself a "awesome" guitarist, I mostly just play to accompany my singing... but hell im still pretty damn good.... lol

see (listen) for yourselves:
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When I started playing, there were fewer self-teaching options. "Guitar for the Practicing Musician" was one of the better resources. Besides that, the best self-learning tool back in those days was getting together with other friends who played, and learn a few of their tricks. But I eventually hit a dead end, and that's why I had a 15 year hiatus from playing.

The internet (this site in particular!) has refueled my guitar desire. Guitar Pro software is an amazing program and very helpful. If I had access to the technological learning tools available today, I probably would've made some very stupid life decisions that would've had me living out of a van playing club to club.

I've had the most learning success by making sure I learn a song ALL the way through, and not just the catchy riff that caught my attention. If the solo is beyond my current ability, I determine which keys and scales it is played in, and simplify it so that I can at least play something that fits and doesn't sound totally random. Then you have to play the song over and over again until you can play it without paying attention. Many times I've gone back a month or two later and worked on the "impossible" solo, and found that it was now doable.

And one thing that helped me: Always look for the easiest way to play things. Find ways to play the same thing but on a different set of strings, different chord fingering, shift an octave up or down, etc. By doing this, I learned a tremendous amount about the fretboard and repeating patterns by merely seeking the lazy man's way of doing things!
i buyed a guitar played played more played alot more printed some tabs and got a average player dont wanna sound selfish but im not like super good but i dont suck
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i have a teacher but am largely self-taught. i would sit on youtube for hours on end, watching van halen play eruption taught me how to tap, watching slash taught me vibrato and a few blues licks, watching yngwie taught me to alternate and tremolo pick. but the best lesson 2 lessons i learned was from satch and buckethead. satch taught me the modes can make all your solo's just all together better, and bucket head taught me to experiment with the sounds i can get from my guitar.
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I had a teacher, when I was little which was an incredible help. But I play all sorts of styles and learnt Classical guitar first, which was a great start for finger picking. I haven't had a teacher for 2 years, but have played with other people more often now, and have improved a hell of a lot. I think it's a good thing to teach yourself, but having a teacher when you're starting out is even better because you get the grounding, and technique right from an early stage.
I have been only playing the guitar for a week and I am progressing very well with my only source right now being a beginner DVD that came with the guitar package. I figure that as long as I progress at a steady pace I will not need lessons. If my learning curve begins to drop later on then I will probably make plans to get a few lessons.
I learned myself from the internet. But I have had 8 years of piano lessons. I guess that kinda helped.
I started off with some beginner DVDs and some books, once i got done them i started to look at some beginner tabs on UG and I started watching youtube vids on how to play songs and learn different techniques like hammer-ons and pull-offs, palm muting, tapping, and etc. But my biggest mistake when i was learning was that i didnt learn how to read some music I learned how to read music up to an intermediate level so i suggest you learn to read music from somebody.
I've always have a teacher. I have gone through 3 teachers and am currently sitting on number 4 and 5 (one for classical and another for jazz). Pretty crazy since I've been playing for only +- 3 1/2 years.
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im pretty well all self taught and im nothing amazing but i'm pretty good seeing as a friend of mine started like me but didnt get much better till after about a year
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i tried to teach myself before i ever had internet, or a computer, for that matter. it didn't work out too well. so after a year, i started taking lessons, and i tell you, it was like a revelation. went in there without a clue, and a year later, stopped going. after that, i got myself some guitar books and went from there. then a couple of years later, i just kinda stopped playing. 5 years later (now), i'm getting back into it, and finding that i'm surprisingly better than i was back then
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If I learn from the internet tabs,am I self-thought?Stupid question probably...
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If I learn from the internet tabs,am I self-thought?Stupid question probably...

No, that means you have a teacher

like duh, ofcourse you're self taught. Stupid question is stupid Obvious question is obvious.
I already knew my theory cuz I played piano, so with that out of the way,
my dad tought me how to read tabs( I use a combination of tabs and real sheet music) and after that I went here and to google/youtube.
I had to choose I suck, because my "learned through tabs and playing with others" wasn't listed. That, and I do suck.

I already had theory knowledge, so it was a matter of just learning little things. And I'm still learning the little things, heh.


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Let's see: At 19 I got an electric and screwed around with tabs on and off for a couple years with no practice schedule.

At 28 I wanted to get serious, so I took 8 months of lessons starting with the very basics. I managed to work through two levels of basic books and learned a few SRV riffs. Eventually the demands of my job made me quite my lessons and as I became a parent, I didn't have any time or energy to devote to guitar.

At 39 I wanted to get back into learning the guitar. I bought the guitar I always wanted, a Jackson Dinky, and started to go back through my basic books, relearning everything I forgot and practicing in a way to develope clean playing. That's what I've been doing for the last 10 months and my skill level is slightly beyond where I was at the end of taking lessons. Based on my progress, I think it will be another year before I'll be at the skill level where I could consider myself a guitarist. And probably a year after that before I would consider myself a good guitarist. But that's okay, I'm enjoying the journey, and I am commited to cleaning up my sloppy playing.
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I took 2 months of lessons but they helped not at all, I taught myself to sweep, 8 finger tap, and pinch harmonics and I've only been playing for 10 months. I learnt primarily from books vids and other things on the net.

That is almost exactly what ive been through, except the lessons, the key is just practicing constantly, when you are at home watching tv or something just sit and play guitar while you watch, nothing special just play random chords and experiment with techniques you know, youll progress faster
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So far after 6 months of bass I'd consider my progress to be good, technically and musically. This has been mostly from ultimate-guitar.com (lessons and forums), some other sites and a book (Intermediate Bass Guitar, great name I know ). At the moment I'm working my way through Constant Motion by Dream Theater but I doubt I can play at the speed needed for the solo. Either way, this has definitely been a good boost to my technique and recommend it to anyone who needs a challenge, the main riff's quite fun to play as well.
Coupla books and my brain. That and playing at least 2 or 3 hours a day from the word go.
Why are people always looking for an excuse not to get a teacher? Get one. It's going to help you.
I learned from the About.com guitar lessons with Dan Cross.

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Why are people always looking for an excuse not to get a teacher? Get one. It's going to help you.

A teacher or just anyone who has musical experience will help any student, I think. I'm going to get one myself for the next school year, although my A2s start then so I'm not too sure.
ive been playing for 3 months and i learned off of this site. this site is awsome and thank whoever made it because it is a really good sit. i never have to buy tabs or anything. and i still suck though.
I learned to play after I saw that my roomate had a crappy ass acoustic that they bought on ebay and a guitar for dummies book. I'm not good though, i definitely still suck... but i can play a few cool parts of some songs and I'm starting to be more confident in my alternate picking and actually picking the right strings. (it was so hard to pick the right strings when i first started, but i still mess up a lotttt) It's just because i watch the frets not the pick :P

I just started to learn scales, so i think i'm going to try and learn a few more scales and then see how i do messing around on the guitar. So far I can do like 4 or 5 chords, major scale, alternate picking, power chords(well at least a little bit but i'm still fuzzy), and play a few easy riffs and parts of songs.

Oh and i've been playing on and off self taught for about a year but i haven't been playing on a regular basis. Oh and i'm playing on my dad's Fender that he is loaning me
My reign of terror on the 6-string began shortly after Christmas. After watching some Youtube tutorials on how to play the guitar, an UNBEARABLE urge came over me, forcing me to pick up my Uncle's old electric guitar and just play play play. Nowadays I play proficiently within reasonable standard of my 3-month period of playing, and I suppose you could say I'm truly hooked on the guitar. My life has changed from spending my days slaving away on the computer to joining 2 bands and playing the guitar from sunrise to sunset. This isn't the same phase I went through when I was 12 years old and had a blast at the guitar... this is totally different. This time I'm getting somewhere, and thanks to this website I don't think I'll ever stop with so many tabs I'm able to learn
I noodled with a guitar in my teens. Never had a lesson, and back then lacked the discipline (and resources) to self teach. I am in my late 30's and I picked up the guitar close to two years ago. Self taught this time (though My son is taking lessons, and when I can get off work early to take him I sit in on his lesson with him occasionally).
I found that with discipline and a core, or base program to follow (so you can set and achieve goals and measure progress) self teaching is possible. In my case it a year to play at a level where I was comfortable pulling out the guitar and butchering a tune in front of friends or family. I think its important to set your expectations reasonably and commit to being in it for the long haul.

I used guitar a couple of books/dvd's, and with you tube, and this AWESOME site, its pretty easy to follow lessons.
In my case I try to practice 15-50 minutes a day. 5-6 days a week.
Even with the multitude of DVD, youtube, and internet info available, I get the ALOT out of the monthly magazines (like Guitar techniques. acoustic guitar,guitar world). It also keeps me motivated to read them.
uh well ive been getting private lessons for about 3 and a half years, so im getting pretty good for a 13 year old

but i also enjoy just playing tabs from ultimate-guitar (my teacher doesn't know about) for leisure.
I tried playing guitar by teaching myself (didn't even know how to fret) and that didn't work out all too well so I got a new guitar and took about 5 lessons.....The lessons got boring so I taught myself from then on using tabs and the interwebz....I think I suck but most people say I'm ok for how long I've been playing....
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I have a uncle who is self thought playing for 32 years he thought me a lot of basics like major and minor scales and thought me easy chords jus to start out cuz I hardly ever see him but he was my inspiration for the longest time. But the time I was away from him I self thought from books and guitar pro tabs.
I've been teaching myself for 2 months, but I'm getting lessons soon. I'm excited
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well I taught myself strumming and alternate picking...although my alternate picking is a mess since its like a combination of alternate picking and sweeping...so I never really learned how to do it properly...I like it the way it is though...then I started getting lessons and my teacher basically only teaches me theory and gives me some practice routines to learn how to improvise
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I took 2 months of lessons but they helped not at all, I taught myself to sweep, 8 finger tap, and pinch harmonics and I've only been playing for 10 months. I learnt primarily from books vids and other things on the net.

10 months and 8 finger tapping and sweeping. Yep...