The Strat Clapton has in this clip is awesome looking. What would be my best route to obtaing a custom painted stratocaster similar to that one? It could be a different design I create aswell. The places I've looked at that sell custom painted guitars are all like cheezey ripped pattern or flames or other lame stuff like that. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

somewhere in there they have the custom designs thing. I haven't watched the video, but the Clapton signature one is awesome.
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Actually Fender released a limited edition(100 globally) of this specific Stratocaster along with Clapton in order to raise money for the Crossroads center in anitgua.However I don't know if there were sold out.
If you do not have the budget required to buy a Fender Custom Shop guitar like this one you can get your normalstrat to a guitar painter.I'm quite sure there are some very talented ones who can paint anything on your guitar.I had seen a magnificent paint job on a Gibson SG to make it look like Clapton's.
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Just go there with the exact design you want.
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it's known as a 'crash stratocaster' after the artist who painted it. google 'crash strat' for loads of info. they obviously aint cheap, and not readily available either. i saw one ad asking for $17,000.
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Ya it really is a great looking strat! It is definitely one of my favs. When I saw John Mayer in concert last summer he had a strat that had a similar paint job except it was more of a white to salmon red/pink and had less of that sea green that clapton's has. Also it was more just faded and not a design like Clapton's. Sweet never the less.
Wow, I don't like them at all. But, Clapton is still amazing..........
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No.50 was my fav one there.
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there were only about 2 of those guitars on the crash page that didnt make my eyes scream for mercy.

some of them are absolutely ****ing horrid, look like 4 different shirts from the 80s combined to look the ugliest possible.