I can do pinch harmonics with a pick most of the time, but i hardly ever use a pick .

how can i use my fingers to do one?

I'd think touch the string with a fingernail right after plucking?
It's worth a shot.
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Do the same kind of motion as if you were using a pick, works for me but only occasionally and they are nowhere near as clear or loud. Just practice with them.
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practise, practise, practise. I know a fair few people who can do them with their fingers, and they all seem to have completely different ways to do it. Just keep trying til you can do it comfortably.
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Yeah basically a friend of mine "only" uses his fingers to pinch harmonic.

Basically pluck the string you wanna pinch with your thumb and first finger, and immediately touch the string with your middle finger of the same hand to make it resonate..or pinch..

Practice dude
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when im playing with fingers i use the tip of my thumb to hit the spot where you would hit the string in a picked harmonic and use my finger to pluck the string, much less guessing on how to pinch without a pick.
i can do pinch with my fingers like put ur thumb infront of u index finger and do the same kinda thing really
I have a somewhat curiously shaped fingernail that allows me to get the harmonic just by hitting the node...
If you have long nails you can do a similar action to with a pick.
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