Hey ppl

I need a new guitar for about 750 usd.I play mostly death metal and thrash metal.
I am a lead guitarist so 24 frets and a whammy is a must.
What do u guys think i shud go for????
Ibanez S2170!!!!
Amazing Guitar
Great Whammy Bar For Drop Tunings
Slim Neck
22 Frets :/
But Still
An Amazing Guitar
Ibanez S2170FW
Fender Tele Deluxe
Gibson SG Special
Squier Vintage Modified Jazz Bass

Matrix GT1000FX
Zilla Super Fatboy
Yeah Ibanez S Series looks good. Best whammy system in the world in my opinion. If not, get a brilliant RG series. They normally have 24 frets. Maybe a Jackson King V? Ah I'm spoilt for choice here.