my digitech whammy pedal has stopped working.
i no its near impossible to trouble shoot problems like this on a forum but if any one has any ideas i would appreciate the help.
when i have the thing switched on when i rock the treadle all i get is nasty sounding very low volume static out of the amp (the same on all the settings) im thinking it might just be a loose connection on the input jack?.
has any one had this problem or any ideas?
i have built simple pedals before and have basic electronic/electrics knowledge so if some one could give me some pointers as to were to look i may be able to sort it my self. its well out of warranty and sending it back to digitech for repair is a gonna cost as well as been a bit of a pain in the ass.
also having problems getting into the bloody thing to look inside, dont think there really built to be taken apart unless you work for digitech.
any help or ideas would be appreciated cheers.