This will be my second guitar build.. My first wasn't a success as far as popularity goes but, it was a major success in my hands. Anyways, yeah, I'm building a Fender Jazzmaster, not quite sure of the colour scheme, so please give me some idea's? I was thinking a very bright colour, like, orange with a matching headstock, and a pearloid pickguard. As for electronics I'm clueless what I'd like, I'm kinda going for the two soap bars/P-90's both in the neck and bridge. As far as musical taste goes I'm into Blind Melon, Sonic Youth, Mudhoney, Smashing Pumpkins, Nirvana, etc.

My dad's going into work on Sunday, so I'll ask him if he would be as kind as to print the template..
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Always loved Jazzmasters.. really cool guitars imo.
but, i wouldn't go with a bright-orange or something like that.. it's really a vintage style guitar, i'd keep it true to the origins.
as for pickups, Jazzmasters didn't have P90s, they had their own thing, some kind of a fat single coil.. and their wiring is a bit insane, so good luck with that
I Really like the bright Orange Idea, but not the perloid pickguard i'd go with either plain or tortise shell, and yeah if you put normal P-90's on it'll look like this
I agree to no bright orange but J Mascis (sp?) from Dinosaur Jr. has a purple sparkle one that looks badass.
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Interesting. It turns out that there are people on the forum who play an upright bass. I'll make a note of that.

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Hahaha, I knew they weren't P-90's, just had no idea what to refer to em' as. What do you guys think about white on white. I think that would look incredible..
I like it, a white JM would look awesome.
you can get real JM pickups from seymour duncan btw, they have several versions
Jazzmasters always seem to have kooky color schemes, so I suggest doing something radical to keep with the theme. Just not something that's been done before. How about Lime green with tortoise shell pickguard.
Already been done, atleast if you consider mint and lime green the same colour. I personally like tortoise on mint.
Hmm, what about pearloid on silver sparkle? Could someone make a mockup of that please? Maybe not pearloid, I'm sure white would do the job...
At the moment I'm planning a jazzmaster style build. The pickups are available from seymour duncan. The electronics of a jazzmaster are more complex than say a strat but are very useful. THIS is the current seymour duncan wiring diagram. However I find THIS old one to be much easier to follow. There is a huge amount of useful info on THIS WEBSITE

As I have seen the post above, I will post a few that I think would look amazing

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