I recently purchased a 1986 kramer focus 3000 off a friend for cheap as it was in quite a state but nothing major, knife edges on the OFR were like new, neck feels amazing and once i sorted out the wiring it sounds amazing too, plays like a dream...

Only problem is that it had a knock to the scratch plate taking out a large chunk where the lower tone pot usually lives.
I am trying to track down a replica plate for it NOS if possible, it is a mirrored blue with OFR route, HSS config and a micro coil tap switch.

Anyone know any good places in the U.K. that stock or could make me one of these??

I found a place in america that can do one for $57 but thats in america =/

I am aware that a fat strat pickguard is likely the closest i could try without forking out for a custom made one

Any ideas??

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You could also do it yourself if you want. There are lots of tutorials and guides out there.