I have a Boss BR-600, and it's great for what i need. The only problem is I find the editing/mastering on the machine quite hard and confusing to use. I want to edit the tracks on my computer, but when i connect it up, the tracks don't appear unless i have mastered them into one, and then i can't really edit it properly.

So my question is, is there any program i can use on my PC to edit the tracks, without mastering them first?

Sorry if that makes no sense, just say and i'll try and re-phrase it.
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with most lower end MTRs you have to mix down to send everything to the PC, this means you cant edit it anymore.

I don't know of any way around this other than recording each part as its own song and then transferring each part to the PC separately. You could always go with a new MTR though....I think the hard drive based units will do what you are looking for.
Oh, OK thanks.

I'll try doing it all on separate tracks then.
Do or do not, there is no try. - Albus Dumbledore