I'm going to try out an amp at a local music store that only licenses Ibanez and Fenders guitars. The amp im gonna try out is a Ibanez TBX which I am considering buying. Would it be alright if I took my Epiphone SG guitar to try it out on. The Fender and Ibanez's dont have Humbuckers, or the Humbucks the do have are different than what I play.

So would it be alright if I took my guitar and tried out an amp there?
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too much trouble

unlike creating a thread on UG and asking for advice?

Dude just call them, none of us own the store.
If they tell you you cant use your own gear to test an amp you want to buy to use with your gear, they're not the right store for you.
To much trouble to dial a few numbers and ask?

What? How lazy can you get?

Most stores would allow it, but how about you ring them and see before you cart your guitar down there.
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call the store. but tbh, if i owned a store that only sold fenders and ibanez, i wouldnt be upset if someone brought in an epiphone to try an amp out, especially if they planned on maybe buying it. an amp is a nice commision.

but still, call ahead.
Shall I call for you?

Nah, I wouldn't do that...

But I would just take the guitar in, what's the worst that can happen, they make you leave the shop?
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I wouldn't buy an amp from them if they won't let you see how your own guitar sounds on it. Otherwise you just spend a pocket full of money and just hope your own guitar sounds similar through the amp to the one you played in the store.
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I've been here for far too long...

Call the store, or go in and ask.
I've done that at prety much every guitar shop i've been interested in. If you don't want to ring em' up then just bang your guitar allong with you, and if they won't let you use it, just leave. Seariously, they'll be more welcoming to you, and more prepared to accomadate you if YOU RING AHEAD!
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