Next year in college we have this kind of talent competition where we can do anything, wheter itd be juggling to sick guitar solos.

Now i was wondering what kind of sonbg to play, since I would like top participate

My first idea for a song was little wing - SRV, or even rylynn by Andy Mckee as i am not a shredder and wanted to play something which according to me has alot of feeling.

Now what i'm asking is this a peice to big to chew on or is it relatively simple ( except for the fact of the length)

any suggestions, I will have an expreienced drummer and an experienced bassman with me

edit: if its by stevie ray its gonna be hard to get his tone lol theres threads stickied about it
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for the tone ive already got it down with my valvetronix and my pod xt live :P no worries,

I probably wont be doing an EXACT cover, probly will have to vcut it down to under 5 minutes i beleive ( i do not know the rules of the conteste that much)