alright so i was wondering if a distortion/overdrive pedal would sound nice through a hybrid/solid state amp. i am wondering about this because i cant get enough distortion out of my vox and it usually sounds very muddy when i put more and more distortion. so i was wondering if guys could maybe recommend me a pedal or something like that. i was looking at the BOSS ds-1 and the os-2, but i am not really able to try them out right now. so could you guys give me some advice?

thanx in advance
i have a ds-1 and it sounds pretty good when the batterys full.

edit there are better ones but they are more expensiveee
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Check out this site, they're having a contest where they're giving away FREE distortion and overdrive pedals! Gear-Monkey guitar forums.

And to answer your question, they will sound good going into a solid state amp. Overdrives are more designed to overdrive tube amps, but they will work pretty well in front of a solid state. You just won't get the same sound as if you went into a tube amp.