What are some acoustic songs for beginners?
I really want to learn a song this week, because I have spring break (woooooohooooooo) and I'll be as bored as heck, plus my head is spinning from all the song possibilities. Thanks in advance, people!!

By the way, I like stuff along the lines of Jack Johnson, John Mayer, Incubus, Kaiser Chiefs, and Fiest. (Would 1234 be a good one to learn??)
Yeah, thanks again!!
not to be a jack off but type in your question in the search bar there are a bunch of these threads already posted and it gets quite redundant to repeat my awnsers 10 times a week

also there is a thread that will be stickied in the near future that will have a ton of theses song suggestions.

that bieng said knocking on heavens door by bob dylan is quite simple to learn three chords g d c

not familiar wth keyser chiefs or fiest and unless you know barre chords jack j and john mayer may be a little past your level at the moment but hey no time like the present to start learning right.