Poll: your style of crying?
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screaming yelling noisy crying
1 0%
Muffled crying
19 9%
Silent sobbing,just tears
91 43%
not too loud .. and not silent
27 13%
a mixture of everything
10 5%
LOL wut....
43 20%
I'm not sure
23 11%
Voters: 214.
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so I was inspired by my own thread (how often do you cry thread?) lol .. and I started to wonder "how" to the members of UG cry.

Are you do the screaming kind or crying or more of the silent crier ....
i think they get tears in theire eyes
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I don't cry, I'm man.
I want to go as far to the edge without going over. Out on the edge, you can see all kinds of different things.
I listen to metal, therefore it is impossible for me to cry.
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Usually silent. But I have pretty bad anxiety so depending on the situation sometimes it's difficult for me to breath.
I never cry. I scream and punch the walls angrily and all that manly stuff. Yeah, I'm the goddamn alpha male.
Really depends why I'm crying.

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Depends on what happens. If something touches me i tear and if im sad about something i full flegged cry. And it is fine for a man to cry!
I only cry on the inside, like after I've seen something stupid *cough* creationism vs. evolution thread *cough*
The last time I cried was years ago, and it was just a couple of silent tears.

Because I was raised to be dead inside. Me and my dad don't even cry at funerals.
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I really havent cried.
I have although beat the **** out of my fridge recetly......
The fridge was crying some kinda red tears...
then i realized the fridge was my aunt Jill...
hyperventalation FTW
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Getting kicked in the balls repeatedly

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I cry by eating the flesh of a felled lamb mixed with virgin tears.
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The immense amount of testosterone in my body prevents me from feeling emotion and doing gay stuff like crying.
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i'm so manly, i was born without tear ducts =D
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I don't cry. Crying is for sissies... and girls...

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I cry when people I love die.
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I cry when people I love die.

I cryed when the LOL wut? Pear died
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I listen to metal, therefore it is impossible for me to cry.

So you can't cry acid? That is so not metal.
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*checks if there is anyone beside door*
*closes it*
*takes out box of tissues*

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Really depends why I'm crying.

It all depends.
If it's super sad, I just can't keep the sobbing noises in.
If I'm watching a movie, it's usually silent, cause I still want to hear what happens.

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i havent actually cried any time i can remember in my adult life, so i dont really know. i made an effort with the you cry you lose thread. nothing.
I have no opinion on this matter.
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I listen to metal, therefore it is impossible for me to cry.

lets see if you can say that after giving you nipple a really hard twist...
i always end up getting a dribbly nose :*+(
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