I have several questions about this product

1. Is this worth the money/ Is there another product (in the same price range) that would do the job?

2. If I had good enough speakers could i potentially use this program as an amp for small gigs ( garage sized areas)

3. Can you get more effects and amp models for free or do you have to buy a whole new expansion pack for it

4. What are the differences in the different Toneport models

5. How easy to use is this programs

Thanks in advance

it is pretty easy to use, the difference in toneports is connectivity i think and i dont think it is good enough to gig with

I have the GX and it is a cool tool to do a bit of recording with but i now have a vox tonelab LE which sounds better, so I plug that in, use gearbox but with no amp models and record through that. The gearbox stuff sounds too digital to me and doesnt respond like real amps should
It sounds digital to a degree. Cleans and low to mid gain tones are done extremely well with gearbox. The high gain tones do leave a bit to be desired, although with proper mixing and post-eqing it fixes this right up.

Seeing as you can't get a good tone out of it without extensive eqing afterwards it would'nt be good to use as an amp.
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I am in a metal band, and we are using the Toneport UX1 to record. The software it came with to record (Ableton Live 5.2.2.) is so easy to use and so convient. I would recomend it for recording and live use. it is a very good resource that takes an hour at the most to learn how to use.
so recording it sounds like the way to go...but for using for small gig type situations is there any programs that I could use? (basically im hoping that Gearbox sounds decent enough to where in a garage situation, i could get by with decent enough sound to use it)