i am looking for a pretty good amp that is at least 75w. i have a marshall amp that is really good, but as of right now i cannot take it home. the only reason i need a new amp is because all i have is little crappy 10 watt amps and the only reson i have those is because i dont dont have alot off money to buy guitar equipment and all that kind of stuff that i need to become successful at playing guitar.( not saying im bad its just that if you have crappy equipment then ur going to end up getting used to that kinda sound and you really dont want that) but once im looking for something about 75 watt or maybe even higher for around 250 to 300 bucks.
buy a good 10 watt amp? really, more watts doesn't mean the amp will be better. most people here would suggest the Epiphone Valve Junior or the Blackheart, 5 watt tube amps.
Hey there, I would like to help you with that, however I am a big Ibanez fan. Although, maybe you would consider checking out Ibanez website (or homepage),. My amp is pretty good, I have a Toneblaster 250. I advise you to buy the newest Toneblasters, about 200-300 bucks. Or you are not into Ibanez?
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Roland makes some good solid-states for relatively cheap. I've got the Cube 60 which was around 300 and I really like it. Plus its got some limited modelin that isnt half bad, that way you don't have to cart around pedals.