taught myself.
then when i couldn't figure any more out i started looking around the internet, and ended up here
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Me, well i just bought a little book from walmart that taught me how to read tabs, and i just learned everything from tabs really... no lessons whatsoever.

and i wouldn't say i'm really good, but i know my way around a guitar pretty well.

I took a few lessons, then taught myself, but im taking lessons again.
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My mom taught me 4 chords and I taught myself everything else from there. I often studied other musicians.
I both teach myself and get guitar lessons.
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learn't my basic cords from my uncle then my power cords from my cousin...and from then on i self taught myself

You taught yourself how to play; you didn't self teach yourself.
Learnt from a friend how to read tabs and then started learning songs. I've been taking lessons but those tend to focus mainly on theory.
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dont sweat how quick your progressing, i heard that Jimi hendrix didnt get his legendary guitar skills until he was dead

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i tried teaching myself and then i quit because it was too hard and i didnt know what tabs were, lol.

i ran into this site and i just started learning different songs and just learning about everything here, im very thankful of this site. thank you UG!!
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Thats probably some of the best advice I've ever received on here.
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i said i taught myself from then on after i learn't my basic cords and my power cords

I know what you said, you just didn't phrase it correctly.
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I took maybe one or 2 lessons when I first started, but they didn't really help me. So I learned a bunch of stuff, then my uncle taught me some stuff about playing blues guitar, then I took it from there.
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Started learning chords from my dad. Bought a Fender instructional DVD, and just worked on chords to improve speed. I taught myself to read tabs (thanks UG) but never signed up or even checked out the forums until recently. Then I got a teacher who showed me plenty and got me a scale book, and well... here I am.
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my stepgrandfather taught me a little when was little, I Quit, i found my dads old electric 2 years later, found a book, started, got decent, got lessons, learned
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It went like this...

Dad taught me Smoke on the Water

Took lessons for a couple weeks

Friends starting playing guitar

Learned how to do tabs

Months later... I found a new hobby that I do constantly.

100 some tabs later and I'm I've got almost full songs of my own.
I used to take lessons like 5 years ago, when I wasn't passionate about playing but then I quit, Started playing again now recently, I use the internet for all my knowledge etc, so cheers UG (Y) lol.
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Well, I got a guitar, I knew 3 chords from watching my mom play, I learned to read tabs. Then a year later, I found out about Mr. Justin Sandercoe. If I want to learn something, I try and find it on the internet. And that's where I am. I don't/can't take lessons because I also have lack of money >.>
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Self taught. Watched other guitarists, learned the chords, and just messed around on the guitar until i found something that sounded good.
Not the best way since i dont know much on theory or extensive knowledge on scales
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Taught myself... friend helped out with a few techniques. I'm still pretty bad because I don't have much time to practice (15-30 minutes a day, and not every day) due to my course load. But I can play a few songs all the way through, minus the solos (ex: Keep Away by Godsmack, Vicarious by Tool, some others)
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i learned how to read tabs and played a few tabs then i quit until school started back up. Signed up for the guitar class at school and learned many chords. The people in there would be shredding and i looked stupid playing smoke on the water so that motivated me to play more often. A year later now and i play constantly
Well I learned a few easy songs, then torrented tons of instructional books, worked thru them which helped tons, now Im back to learning songs.