Alright so I've never been big into effects, but lately I've been taking a more active approach since there is only one guitar and the bass helps fill out the sound. I'm planning to get a distortion pedal to accompany my wah (Tim Commerford style )

So I looked at the MXR Bass blow torch but on sites like MF the reviews are either really bad or really good. Does anyone have one? Are they solid? If not is there another good drive pedal for about that much? (~100-150 USD)
a solid state bass overdrive. its pretty generic. nothing all that special. i used to own one. the thing i guess that sets it apart is the high end. its not so much a metallic distortion. more of well.... it sounds like a blowtorch.
I believe my friend has one and is rather satisfied with it.

I think Boss makes a pretty solid Bass Overdrive pedal, as well.
Check the FAQ for sound clips of all the distortion pedals on the market. It's a very distinct "buzzy" distortion that you either love or hate. One review appropriately said that "it should be called Buzzsaw, not Blowtorch."
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Fulltone bass drive. I think it's about $180, but it is perfect for filling out the sound. The overdrive setting will help fill out your sound, and the boost channel can get into pretty thick, warm distortion.
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