I'm just about to get my next guitar and I'm debating between a Fender Eric Johnson Strat (or I guess just strats in general) and a PRS Standard 24. I play mostly Prog Rock and Jazz Fusion so which would be best for that?

I want the most versatile guitar I can get for around $2,000.

Thanks in advance!
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As far as versatility goes... Get the PRS.

Don't get me wrong, a Strat is versatile, but the PRS is just so much more.
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Between those two you're probably better off with the PRS just because of the humbuckers and I'm usually a Strat pusher.
PRS!!! they are soo nice, i wan´t one so bad
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It's just the difference between singlecoil and humbucker. Do you want to be able to do David Gilmour/Stevie Ray Vaughan/Jimi Hendrix/late Clapton; or Carlos Santana/Jimmy Page/Slash/Buckethead. I'd say try them both out, assessing which one will get the right sound you want to go for.
I'd also go for the PRS.

I'm also a Strat lover and own one, and yes, it's very versatile and comfortable... but there are some points where they can't get, while the PRS is truly a guitar that does it all.
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