How do you finger it???
The numbers are the finger number...


Pics would be helpful if anyone has time though...
for the first one, bar the second fret from A - E with your index, then use middle, ring, and pinky to hold down the 4th frets on D G and B strings, respectively.

the second one, bar the seventh fret from E - E with your index, then use ring and pinky to hold down 9th fret on A and D respectively, then use middle finger to hit the 8th fret on the G string.
i tend not to bother with sounding the note on the thinnest string, and just play the other four notes

its hard to bar 3 strings, and have the adjascent strings unnaffected and its a even harder when youre allready barring with your index
Get off this damn forum and play your damn guitar.
i play the lower b with a barre using my index finger and pinky if you articulate your pinky correct the high e will ring out on the second fret not the fourth.
i use my index finger to hold a barre at the second fret, and to mute the low E. the rest of the notes are barred with my ring finger (muting the high e string).
still, use the fingering i mentioned if you want that high e to ring out. it adds a little more to the chord, although it is a slight bit more difficult to play. sometimes, however, it is better to just mute it... it all depends on what you want.
Thanks guys......
@ simpleman
that B was a link... not an underlined thing if you dint notice and thats what you were asking
play a B, F#, and D# anywhere on the fret board and you got a B chord