I don't believe this specific question has been asked before.

Should downpicking use essentially the same motion as the downstrokes of your alternate picking? Because I'm having some trouble switching quickly between alternate picking, galloping, and downpicking in metal rhythm riffs. And I think it's because my downpicking uses a slightly different motion than the downstroke portion of my alternate picking, if that makes any sense.

My alternate picking is a mix of rotation and oscillation, whereas my downpicking seems to be a mix of rotation and translation. It just seems to make for harder transitioning between the two.

Does anyone understand what I'm trying to say at all? Is this just a minor thing that I need to work on slowly and naturally figure out? Thanks.
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I think I understand...do you mean that when you play some kind of breakdown rhythm that has downpicking, then some alternate, your having trouble distinguishing the 2 styles?

I had trouble with that, specifically when I started learning Metallica and Slayer songs.
You just have to integrate your picking so that you can switch inadvertently between the 2 styles. Practice out your riffing slowly, then build up speed, and you can also work out little quirks in your picking to help you, such as hand position.
i get what you are saying. i guess i nevcer really noticed if i was doing something differently, but its easy for me to transition. maybe try to change your technique while palying really slowly and see if it gets easier.
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