Hey there everyone, I'm just wondering if anyone can help me.

My amp, a Laney LC-15R, runs on 3 ECC83'S (preamp) and 2 EL84's (output). But lately the output section has been losing power for some reason, so only a very small and weak amount of volume comes through. I thought it was my valves as they are quite old so I replaced the output valves with JJ output EL84's as I thought that's where the problem was. It worked for a while, but yet again yesterday they cut out.

I'm thinking that the problem lies in the valve sockets, as only one of the valves seems to be not working to it's efficiency. The valve lights up but I think doesn't contribute to the overall volume of the amp.

I'm not sure...can anyone help me? If anyone wants to ask me anymore questions about the amp or something just let me know
Sounds like bad power tubes to me, but since you already tried that, I honestly don't know what wrong.

I guess it's possible maybe your preamp tubes are doing it, but sounds unlikely as it's a volume cut and if the preamps were bad it'd be more of a distortion cut.

Take it to a tech.
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If you have volume cut it may very likely indeed be a preamp tube. Just because its a preamp tube doesn't mean its one in the circuit that contributes to distortion, it might be a driver or buffer tube. Look at the preamp tubes to make sure they all appear to be functioning fine.
Yeah, you should probably check the preamp tubes too. But if that doesn't help either, take it to a tech. Do you mean that one of the valves is not glowing as bright as the others? Might have been a faulty tube (one of the new powertubes) too.
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yeah one of the newest valves, a JJ EL84, suddenly isn't lighting up now if I put it in. I tried it with one of my old valves and the working new one and it worked but only for a while.

Weird thing is that the faulty new valve has some sort of whiteness on the area where the other valves are silver if you know where I mean, the cap/head thing as opposed to where the pins are. Looks kind of it, i'll post a pic if anyone wants to know about it.

btw the valve layout in my amp is like so:

V5 V4 V3 V2 V1

(V4-5 being output, V3-1 being preamp).

V4 is the one with the problem.

But cheers, am going to get some new preamp valves next week to try. thanks!
It might indeed be something with the circuit or tube sockets. I suggest you take it to a tech.
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This thread if fail in almost every way imaniganable.