I just got back from guitar lessons and am starting to learn the song Snow (Hey Oh) by the Red Hot Chili Peppers. I was using This tab, but then my guitar teacher said i could learn it easier by tuning down to eb and playing it by going to a Am, then an F, then a C, then a G. for the intro. (sorry if this is confusing, i dont really know how to explain it). Will people say i am playing it wrong, is it wrong? i dont know. help anyone?
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Same thing happen when learning 'Hey There Delilah'. I leanred the chorded version, then my friend showed me an easier, bar chord version.

It probably will sound the same, but one miht just be more complicated to play than the other.
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Sorry about the link, i fixed it now. So i will learn the song in standard pitch then. Thnks for the help =]
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You can play it as
G# minor, E major, B major, F# major



Those are the chords in order. Correct me if i'm wrong
Isn't the B-major supposed to be without the E--2 ? (Without the F#)
Doesn't that make it B/F# (B-major with an F# in the bass)? :P
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