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Found this while trawling through some other forums.

MP3: A Scientific Attempt To Create Most Annoying Song Ever

I'm not sure if this is new, but I've made it through 10 minutes and my ears are literally bleeding and even if it's old news, that's an achievement I guess.

Anyway, I think this guy should A)release an album and B)go on a rockin rock tour. It would be so awesome, especially the opera rapping bit... I mean I could probably make that work on stage, if I could sing =(

So, fellow musicians, what are your opinions of this "song"?
Sounds like something my dad listens to, only better.
I've heard worse things listening to the radio, or when my friend and I just sat and made fun of MTV (Not attempting to be like Beavis and Butthead, but we eventualy realized that that's what we were doing) I just got to the part with the kids singing about shopping at walmart....yeah, pretty anoying, but by no means the worst song in the world.
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Streaming now, not that bad so far.
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The clip-clopping got annoying, but then there was a french horn so i laughed

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i love the cheap synth noises lol and the rapping opera wow this is the worst thing ever

about 2:00 it sounds like a cat dying
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the whole time i was expecting it to end in the fresh prince theme song

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More boring than annoying really

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I cut my tongue with a spoon.

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The thing is, people voted for stuff like banjoes, harps and tubas because they've never heard them played properly. Those instruments, played badly, do of course sound annoying, and the people who didn't like it didn't bother to look for anything better.

Actual fact is, when used properly, any of these "most annoying" instruments and techniques can sound amazing. Even the cheap bossanova synth.
It's pretty cool, sounds like it'd be on some film.

EDIT: That's till it changes but it's still pretty good after that because it's funny
It was okay until after about one minute. Jesus f'king christ.
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They are awesome.

It cant actually be scientifically the worst anyway seing as 'worst' is an opinion. After a while this song is kinda annoying but I am having fun listening to it.
Those kids are annoying.

I am 13 minutes into it!
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Far from the most annoying song ever. That honor goes to that f'ing "umbrella ella ella ella" song. Or really, just about any music played on modern mainstream radio stations. This song was just unbearably long and boring. But it really wasn't THAT bad or annoying.
I don't know why but I've been listening to it for 17 minutes so far and I've been loving it! I wanna shop at Wal-Mart, too.
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It's magic magic baby!

This isn't even bad...
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aint that bad, its ok acutally its kinda scary too

nevermind im goint out oof my mind with this ****
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Rofl. I love it. The high pitched rapping's the only annoying thing, I quite enjoy the rest But then I like the mars volta.
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#40 that was music!!

it was strange but i thought it pretty because of that.
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