I just found out about this brand called Jerry Jones guitars, they pretty much make higher-quality versions of the old Danelectro's from the 50's and 60's. Here's an example of one of their models: http://www.thatnewsound.com/product_p/jerry_jones_shorthorn_aquaburs.htm

Does anyone have any experience with this brand? I really like how the Neptune looks, and the few reviews I've found describe it as something I'd be interested in.
Man, that is one FUGLY guitar
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Well, they're still made of cheap materials, of course, but the build quality itself is probably a fair bit better than the Danelectros in the old days. From all I've heard, they're supposed to be quite good.

If you want that type of guitar, go for it. Probably a fair bit better than a Dano reissue.
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Well, I play mostly alternative rock and indie rock, sometimes drifting into other genres. My Tele Deluxe's humbuckers can't really get me the kind of sound that I want, I always turn the tone and the treble on my amp most of the way up; I'm always looking for a twangier sound, but not that twangy. I'm seriously considering getting a Rickenbacker 650D Dakota, which has humbuckers; I've read that their sound is kind of like a fuller single coil, though. The two guitars cost the same exactly ($899.99) and both come with hardshell cases.

What do you think?