I am making a strat and am ready to put it togeter but I have a problem with the wiring. It hast 3 humbuckers (the middle ones a lil killer all gfs pickups) 3 dpdt on-off-on switched (full humbucker-off-single coil) 1 volume and 1 tone. I have everything wired up all the pickups work on full humbucker and all turn off but only the neck pickup splits into a single coil. I have rewired and checked the wiring on the bridge and middle pickup many times but it is all right.
any help would be great
heres the diagram i used for the vol and tone (I dont think its going to be any use to help the problem but I figured I'd post it)
and instead of having that switch I have 3 dpdt on-off-on switches that I wired using this diagram
The diagram is good.

Possible problems:

You didn't wire according to the diagram.
You overheated and damaged the switches when you soldered to them.
The pickup coils are connected to the wrong coloured wires. (try exchanging the red and white wires on the pickups that aren't working properly)
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