Hey! what amp do u prefer for a sound like nirvana ?? vox ad30vt or frontman 212 r 100 watts ?? I'm a liittle confused, both have the same price =|.
The vox you've mentioned is a modelling tube amp right? I am pretty sure that's the one my bro has, I got the fm212.

We both really like the 212 because you can create almost any sound out of it (distortionaly/clean speaking), my bro plays nirvana quite a bit and prefers to listen to it on the 212, maybe that speaks for something?
The Vox prolly.
It'll do cleans better too.

Well, it's really no contest since the FM sucks
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Vox, no question.

You don't need 100 watts, and the Vox will rape the Frontman in versatility and tonal quality.
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Vox for sure, I have the ad30vt and it's a great amp.
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