Ive just been reading Have a nice day, by mick foley. lately he is onto stuff about ECW and the deathmatches in japan and now im thinking he is even more of a nutter than i first thought! Hardcore wrestling aint for the weak at heart!

My favourite extreme moment in wrestling used to be when foley went off the edge of the cell at the hands of the undertakes - but i get more chills when i see cactus jack with the flaming barbed wire 2 by 4 on top of the cell vs triple h. that whole part where theyre on top, finishing with him going through the cell and ring is one of my favourite wrestling moments of all time!

The hardest one to watch is the barbed wire rope match between sabu and terry funk, is so damn grizzly! the worst part is where sabu lands awkwardly in the corner, and rips his bicep open on the barbed wire. its leaves a 12 inch gash on his arms and its all bleeding and flaping around! horrible! but that only the middle of the match. most wrestlers would take the easy way out and end it there, but instead he demanded someone to get him athlectic tape, that stuff they put around their wrists and hands - and effing taped it up!!! he then continued on for at least another 10 minutes when until the match ended with them both so badly caught in the barbed wire they had to be cut out! ECW! people who think wrestlers never get hurt - i reccomend that match!
My favourite moment in wrestling is the end credits.

Fukken br00tulz.
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I grew out of wrestling a while ago. I'd have to say Stephanie McMahon...nothing in particular...just Stephanie McMahon
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ecw is gay. ufc, and pride fighting FTW. flying knee. must i say more.

Boxing owns ufc.
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