I've got a new song up on my profile called stone. It's all me playing, except the drums, which I put in from scratch, no loops or anything. Any constructive criticism welcome, thanks
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I like the progression in the intro, the drums, too. Good segue into the guitar part. Is there something else behind the guitar there? It sounds almost like it's doubletracked with a grand piano. Nice, catchy lead lick at :55. The guitar solo's refreshing too, it fits well with the rest of the song.

Overall, I quite enjoyed the song. The only real thing I could say is that it may get a little bit repetitive, but that's really a moot point given the song's fairly short/medium length and its lack of lyrics. Nice job

I also listened to some of the other songs on your profile and enjoyed them as well, especially Red Leather.

Care to crit my original?

Great track, the sound is very together, with spot on guitar tone, no discernible mistakes. I'd agree that it is maybe a tad repetitive, but this would probably be different with a vocal added, with lyrics, and I definitely think it's a solid foundation to write a song over. Crit back if you can https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=796639
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It's a really good song, although I agree with some of the other people that it is a bit repetitive. Other than that, everything fit together really well, and it sounds like it was edited very professionally. Good job!
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