how do u get that look where your not clean shaven but u dont really have a beard, its just very little black stud hair idk...i am 16 and shave about 2 times a week...do i start shavin every day or grow it out...
i doubt u will be able to get that look yet if u only shave twice a week.
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Your not going to get the "not clean shaven" look if you keep shaving everyday. Isn't that obvious, or did I misinterpret the question?



HAHAHHA... but seriously... HAHAHAHA

You can get electric shavers that give you the look you want but to be honest if you're shaving twice a week you'll look like a twat with poor hygiene for ages before you get the facial hair necessary... to be honest I don't know why I'm laughing, I'm 22 and i still don't need to shave every day... anyone seen my balls?
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you just have to have a good amount of facial hair. i trim mine with a head trimmer like im shaving my head
I look like that right now and im 15, believe me, shaving often is not an enjoyable experience.
O.o, kids these days.

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Its called a five o'clock shadow.
Look it up.

Can't get it either though, I have really little hair growth, both face and body.

Meh, I've made my piece with it.
wait till you need to shave every day.
you gorw a beard for about a week at that point and shave it all off with the shearer, it'll look like that. done it a couple of times, i just prefer having a goatee
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*laughs at your lack of facial hair.*

I turned 15 two months ago and I've already got a goatee and huge mutton chops

As for your not clean shaven look, don't shave? If you want to keep that look permanently, just get one of those shaver/trimmer type things they use to cut your head's hair with, but it cuts it to a certain lenght and use the shortest one? pf I don't even know
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to be honest if you're shaving twice a week you'll look like a twat with poor hygiene

Wait..how would he?
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how do u get that look where your not clean shaven but u dont really have a beard ...
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one of my friends is 15 and would get a "real" beard if he didn't shave o.o
You like it
im trying to get my bf to grow some mutton chop sideburns for the world beard championships in Achorage Alaska next year
Argos sell a beard trimmer for like £15 i just set it to 3 millimetre and that gives u some good stubble, but without it being sharp.
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