so yesterday the raptor ran out of gas and my friend was on the little 250 e-ton which is a piece. so i was riding through a field, not really fast and the next thing i hear is metal grinding and a very loud bang. i lose power and coast to a stop, look and the chain is off. i go to put it on its side and put the chain back on. so the little shaft that sticks out from the motor to turn the chain is twisted back a little, and only about 1/4'' long. (about half of the last digit in pinky for the un-americans) so i thought, wait, it needs to be sticking out more and then extreme pissin-ess-off ensues and im kinda mad so said shaft was sheared off and i wasnt gonna find it. so, what in the hell could cause that, just and old shaft or something? oh, and a little metal piece was missing on the back sprocket that does something, i dont know cause it was gone too. how much is this gonna cost my parents? they already know its broken so.
what? i dont get it. its not a freakin dinosaur.
EDIT: oh well now the pic loads so. yes. gotcha. yea. its so bad ass it drinks gasoline. ha! yea. while ur cats are drinking water, i got a dino that drinks gas.
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what? i dont get it. its not a freakin dinosaur.

You said Raptor, a dinosaur. A dinosaur way before it was a loud whiney four-wheeler for spoiled kids.

EDIT: Never mind, but if a Raptor drinks gas, that makes it a cannibal, because all gas is is dead dinosaurs.
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Your pinky is only half an inch?


well i was guessing, i dont have a ruler to find what it really is but. it was cut off kinda short.
Spoiled kids with tiny hands!

Seriously though, if your parents bought one of these dinosaur cars or whatever it is in the first place they should be in a better position to know how much it costs to repair, not us.
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First you cut your face off with a chainsaw and now this

Not a good weekend mate

haha yea well this happened yesterday. oh, and it wasnt the raptor that broke, the piece of crap eton. so. my mom got home and um. yea..still not goin to the doctor. ill go when it looks bad
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yea..still not goin to the doctor. ill go when it looks bad

Yeah well enjoy your infection, giant scar or death for me.