Hi everyone , sorry if I've posted in the wrong forum. I'm trying to get help with recording to a PC with minimal sound quality loss or feedback and noise.

I'm using a fender strat and a CUBE 20x amp with its own effects. I bought a 1/8 1/4 cable and tried plugging it up a couple of different ways. Straight from my guitar to my computer's LINE IN and MIC then from my guitar , to my amp , then my amp to my computer. Some methods were better than other but no matter what I got this electronic pitch and white noise sound in my recordings. Its horrible.

I recently bought something called the lightsnake. Its a cord that lets to record from your guitar straight through a USB port on your computer. But you cant hear what your playing unless you plug a cord from it's built in splitter into your amp or something else. Problem is .. it does not have decent quality either.. Although I dont get the hissing or the white noise or electric tone I do get lower quality sound from my guitar.. its like less tone and more bass and I can't work with that since I mostly do clean stuff and solos.

I was thinking of trying to get a digitech rp200 but I was wondering what exactly it would do for me. I know if I plug it up to my amp it would sound nice but then how would I record it? Would I even need an amp? Could I plug it straight into my computer through USB or LINE IN or MIC ? And also would it be called a pre-amp and what is that exactly when it comes to recording? What solutions could I come up with if I wanted to just do simple home recordings of me goofing off but without horrible static or white noise sounding recordings and with maybe decent or better sound quality.

Please help me with this someone , thanks! If you want to hear some things I've managed to record go to www.myspace.com/spiritual_guy .. Its kinda weird stuff hehe.