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0 0%
2 22%
anthem of freedom
3 33%
theater of nightmares
0 0%
4 44%
Voters: 9.
By reading these you agree on not using or copyieng the bandnames.

Srsly please do not copy our possible names plz and thank you


Holocoust (i think its overused)

anthem of freedom

theatere of nightmares(dream theatre deja vu)

war ensemble

i agree to not use them

personally i dont think any of them are particularly good....and what exactly are you asking?
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No offense, but I'd try to get away from the "Metal" names. Just because you're in a metal band, doesn't mean you have to have an evil sounding name. In fact there are lots of sweet heavy bands without those kinds of names.

In my opinion, I think a name that doesn't fit in with all the rest of them will make it easier to remember, and standout as a name.

of those...maybe...umm..

on second thought i can't choose, they're all kinda cool, but cliche and overused to me.

good luck man,
i think they are a\ll below average, and hellfire, holocaust are taken and redneck and holocaust sound like stupid unintelligant names, as for theatre of nightmares it sounds very close to dreamtheatre and irs to long, the only ok one actually is anthem of freedom which still is kinda mediocre, try somin like: The Lost Souls Alliances i think thats a great name or Bad disguise
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Only band name Thread at top of this sub forum...Use it.
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Only band name Thread at top of this sub forum...Use it.

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