Okay since it seems no one will respond on the string changing board, I need some help on this board. Really Really Fast.

Okay basically I was trying to retstring my guitar for the first time ever and i failed and broke a string.

Will it be harmfull to the guitar if I left it unstringed for 1 day, untill I can get it restringed? It's only 1 string btw.

I have an extra pack, but im not even going to touch it untill I am thouroghly sure i wont break it.

Help ASAP!!!!
you broke the string cos you have aidz.
dont touch the guitar at all.
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just string it again, if you wind the tuning gears slowly to an electric tuner you should be fine. i break strings putting em on to, just get back on that mother****ing horse.

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Quote by Lamby-92
you broke the string cos you have aidz.
dont touch the guitar at all.

Keep the moronic comments in the pit.

Your guitar will be fine. Leaving it with no strings for a month won't even hurt it. Don't sweat it
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