I'm pretty sure this will have been done before, but the searchbar is not working for me at the moment.

So, What are the bands/musicians that have inspired you the most, and why.

For me it would be, When I first started playing the band that influenced me the most was Opeth, they still play a big part in my songwriting, then it was Muse, the main thing they influenced me with, was that with some slightly larger Chords you can make something sound really huge, and Now my main influence if Bloc Party, they made me realise that you don't really need to play a backing of chords all the time, and that delay is really cool, and you can make good clean tones.
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When I first started out: James Hetfield inspired me to be a guitarist/singer.

Now: Mikael Akerfeldt when I first heard his impeccable range and tasteful guitar playing. When I first heard Hevy Devy, I pretty much orgasmated (yes, a new word has formed). Rusty Cooley and John Petrucci pretty much own my shred soul.
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Guns 'n' Roses, mainly because of Slash.

Alice Cooper, because not only he has written some of the most excellent lyrics ever, from the Welcome To My Nightmare era and onwards he has worked with some fine musicians who have done nothing but belt out awesome tracks.

And now I'm a pretty decent player myself, Vai and Satch have caught my attention in regards to technique and 'virtuoso' style playing.
Noel Gallagher - Why i got into music really. I loved his songs and i loved his guitar solos.

George Harrison - Brilliant guitar/sitar player and a genuinely witty and nice guy. Also done the solos/wrote some of the songs in the Beatles (my favourite band, this changes often but them Led Zeppelin,The Jam,The Who and Oasis are always in there)

Jimmy Page - Loved his style, also think he was incredibly clever (writing,playing,recording and producing all of the Led Zep catalogue)

John Squire - Brilliant rhythm player, such precision on his wah playing, also one of the most unqiue tones/styles ever in the early Stone Roses days.

Jimi Hendrix - Amazing rhythm player. The way he combined lead and rhythm and sung was genius. A true innovator for me. One of the first ever guitarists i heard. Such a showman too.
Megadeth is the single greats impact on me musically. Each one of their lead guitarists and Dave (I believe) can be heard in my style. And the only way I can really sing well is snarling like Dave.
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First, John Williams.

Then, after classical:

Matt Bellamy/Muse
Claudio Sanchez/Coheed and Cambria
Mikael Akerfeldt/Opeth

to continue playing electric
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When I heard Geddy Lee play I knew I had to get a bass.

You Shook Me All Night Long was the first song I knew knowing it was Rock N Roll. And AC/DC was my favorite band through most of middle school.

Coheed and Cambria has done so much to inspire me to no end. Im getting a small Keywork tattooed on my shoulder.
Jimmy Page- Wow he was really one of the first guitar players that really hit me in a hard way.He influenced me to pick up a guitar.

Queen/Freddie Mercury-Idk this band just iflueences me in soo many ways its not funny.
From Mercury's awesome vocal talents to Brian May'a awesome riifs and orgasmic tone
To Deacon's awesome bass lines.This band , and especially Freddie, helps me to improve.

John Lennon/Beatles-Awesome songwriter/singer with a worldfamous band
enough said

other mentios:Oasis,GNR,Kansas,
I started playing guitar because I saw the Led Zeppelin DVD...Jimmy Page was playing the guitar solo to Stairway, and he just looked like he was having such a good time...and I thought to myself "fuck...I've got to learn how to do that."

Lately, I've been much more inspired by progressive and experimental musicians
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jack johnson - no, seriously, he's been a HUGE influence on my writing and style.
ben folds - he inspired me to play multiple instruments
claudio ****ing sanchez - because he is a god.
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Most recently it's been The Mars Volta, I can't think of the last time a band got that kind of reaction from me.
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Although, tbh, I don't play often at all.
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Trent Reznor.
He's my idol!!!
I can really relate a lot to him, in his personal life.
and most of my musical influences come from him.

After Trent, its Dustin Kensrue from Thrice.
Just brilliant musician, vocalist and lyricist.