2002 Epiphone les paul standard in transparent blue , has been professionally setup recently and I replaced the stock tuners with Gibson Grovers. Im asking at least $300 for this will come with a gigbag.

Here is a beautiful 1995 MIM Tele with many upgrades. Originally strung through the bridge, I had the body drilled, ferrules added and strung through the body, to do this, a new bridge plate had to be added, it's a WD Products with 6 saddles. The plate is thicker than the original. The white pickguard was changed to a black 3 ply, a striking offset to the Blonde body, and matches the black fret markers. Black pearl top knobs were added. The economy tuners were replaced with genuineKluson single line vintage style tuners. The stock pick-ups were replaced with Fender Vintage Noiseless. 21 standard frets are in very good shape, can't find any dead spots. Guitar made in Mexico. Cosmetically, it's in good shape. A small ding at top of headstock in front, and one just below the nut under the high e string. The back of the body, just above the strap button has a chip. There are 3 small scratches on the bridge plate.
This guitar plays well, has great classic Tele tone. Is set up with .11 strings, and has low, easy playing action.
The bridge plate has been grounded and with the Vintage Noiseless p/ups, this guitar is quiet!

Ibanez AEL20 Electric/Acoustic in Transparent blue with sonic fishman pickup, and onboard tuner. Asking at least $180 for this one. Comes with gigbag

Im in the US, Miami Florida, and would preferably have local customers only if anyone reading this is in the Miami or near area just send me a PM and you could also make me an offer and I'll consider it. Thanks!
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Yeah just send me a PM and ill email them to you, or if you'd rather over AIM or MSN?
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price on the tele and pics of it's backside
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