So, I have a doubt.
I recently bought a used Fender Standard STratocaster for 300 dolars. I live in Brasi, and here that is worth around R$2000 (USS 1200-1500) but since i bought it, i met the Squier Jagmaster, and i fell in love with it, and ive been kicking myself about the room if i should sell my strat and get the squier...what do you guys think?

oh yeah, my father wont let em probably and will beat me up, but i can deal with that

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keep the Fender.
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Sell the strat, buy the Squier, buy a strat copy that looks similiar to the guitar you have now, he'll never know the difference...
if u do sell ur strat and get that squier garbage, you will do one of the dumbest moves here on UG in like the past....week....

don't do it! there is much more quality in ur strat. unless ur playing in a surf music band or Nirvana cover band, i dont see any reason to do it. be smart.
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A Jagmaster wouldn't be very good for surf, as it lacks all the things about a Jaguar that make it suited for surf rock...

Standards are MIM Strats, right? If you like the Jagmaster better, get it. I like mine, the smaller neck helps my crappy reach.
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You have to know that the jagmaster is a vintage modified squier those kick the mim's asses (yes i own a Vintage modified strat ) And i'm a squier defender (didnt the name suggest) squier's aren't always worse then fender and if you like the squier better just buy it why play something that you dont like
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