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This has probably been done before but search bar isn't workin' for me right now.
Anyway, what would be your ideal song to do to?
Mine personally would be "Blackout" by Muse.
I feel as if it's the perfect song to die to. If you know it, imagine a slow motion car crash.
*Creepy huh?*
I know it's weird but I've totally thought about this!

Mine would either be:

Alice Practice by Crystal Castles


Electric Bloom by Foals
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Blackout- Muse

So beautiful...

EDIT: Ha, I didn't read TS's post until after I posted, and it turns out we chose the same song. What are the odds?
Opeth - Deliverance
Q: Favourite Pink Floyd song?
A: The one where they get wicked high and play Emin and A for an hour.
Moonlight Sonata.

Or anything by Sonata Arctica; Iron Maiden.
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as does that one.
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yeah ill +1 that one.

i smell a hate thread brewing!
I'd like to die to a cockney tune. It'd make the event slightly less depressing. Might even die laughing.

Die Laughing by Therapy? Total coincidence that it popped into my head there :p
The Trooper-Iron Maiden.
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Pearl Jam - Alive

I'm saving Man In The Box for the funeral.
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Sing for Absolution by Muse

instant win man, instant win.

Emotion = true music


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what about apocalypse please? that would be pretty sweet.

Thoughts of a Dying Atheist would be cool as well, especially if you were an atheist.
I will follow you into the dark-death cab for cutie
or it'll be played at my funeral.
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haha, that would be cool for an atheist to die to, i like how everyone wants to die to a muse song.

hah. Muse is just that kind of group. Heavy minor / diminished melodies. occasional operatic vocals. Yeah, that will do it.
just because it has to be said in all threads like this I Cum Blood..

but seriously.. Tangerine Sky by KMK
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Hallowed be thy name by Iron Maiden
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I'm tempted to report this thread because of how weird this is getting.

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Freebird so I could live a while longer....
No, just kidding.

Everytime I Die by Children of Bodom
I'd rather die than go to heaven.

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Anyone else think it'd be hilarious to have Highway to Hell play at a funeral? I'd be envious of the man who does that, even though he's dead..

I'd personally have Number of the Beast or Wasted Years by Iron Maiden play (preferably Wasted Years, it seems so fitting, and has a happy death kind of feel to it, I think the tone of it would make people feel a bit better/bad-ass), or maybe even Castles Made of Sand by Hendrix, that'd be pretty cool.
falling out of a plane then quickly getting ipod and putting on free falling by tom petty
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In 60 years, there will still be Opeth.
You know why?
Death ain't got **** on Mikael.
I'mma go with the Muse theme and say Bliss.
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I will follow you into the dark-death cab for cutie
or it'll be played at my funeral.

smae here
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A Tout Te Monde - Megadeth
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Bleak Necrotic Paleness-Xasthur
The Crying Orc-Burzum (check out my ****ty acoustic cover on my profile)

Instrumental black metal for the win.
Great Gig In Teh Sky - Floyd
One - Metallica
Only The Good Die Young - Maiden
Die With Your Boots On - Maiden
Creeping Death - Metallica
Heaven & Hell - Sabbath
The End - Doors
Funeralopolis-Electric Wizard
Soma-Smashing Pumpkins
Rhinoceos- Smashing Pumpkins
Porcelina of the vast oceans- Smashing Pumpkins
Tom Sawyer- Rush
Textures- Cynic

And I'm not kidding for any of them, either. :P
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