i have got a Marshall mg 250dfx and last night i cranked my amp up really loud and now when i turn it on i get this "static" kind of sound which still happens even though nothing is plugged in except the power. does anyone know whats wrong?
Most amps have static when they're on, especially poorly made SS ones. It's probably always been there, you're just worried about it now.
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Thank God that it's broke, trash it, and buy a new amp... that's NOT an MG.
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The problem: It's an MG
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Most amps have static when they're on

yeah i do know that but this is a loud static. could the speakers have blown?
the typical problem w/ SS amps: crank em' past halfway and problems start happening everywhere. it could be a number of things i guess, prolly somethin on the inside fried a lil bit. but let this be a foreshadowing of what using an oversized practice amp for anything other than practice will do.

ur best bet is to salvage some money outta it by selling it and saving for a nicer amp, preferably TUBE.
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