Woo, first thread. Anyways, this track is something I threw together a while ago. Originally titled it "Time" just because I had fun with some time signatures and tempo changes and all. It might get a bit repetitive at times, but that's because I left it open for vocals. Check it out, critique the hell out of it.

Drums (programmed)
Rhythm Guitar (left channel)
Rhythm Guitar (right channel)
Lead Guitar (center)
Lead Harmony(center)
Bass (center)

wow thats was really nice! what do you use to record? the drums sound freaking awesome.
Thanks. Recorded with a Line 6 TonePort UX1 using a custom tone for the guitars, and for the bass I used the "Thumbslap" preset if I remember correctly. Drums were programmed with Acoustica Beatcraft.
how did you get the drums to sound that good? effects? help me out dude. thanks
what about for mastering? did you use anything, like Ozone or something? check my clip out on my pro.
Wow the drums do sound really good, they mix really well with the chunky riffs in the background. Everything was mixed together really good. Soft part is pretty cool also, I really like the riff after it gets heavy again, sounds kind of Opeth-ish for a bit (I hope thats a compliment for you). All the riffs and leads are really good though.

If you want to crit my stuff: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=841584
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anal seepage diffiently takes the cake for me. Congratulations the_pick_gnome you are one sick twisted person :]
Nope, no mastering or anything. Just panning the separate drums around and adjusting the volumes, but all of that is done within Acoustica Beatcraft. I don't even know what Ozone is. :p Other than the actual ozone.

the_pick_gnome: Appreciate it man. Definitely an Opeth fan so I appreciate it, haha. Will make sure to take a look at your stuff.
That is an insanely good recording. The drums sound punchy and clear, guitar is thick but defined, lead is nice and rich too. Track sounds really Russian for some reason, some good lead guitar work, and the switch from heavy guitar to the clean works really well, and going back again works fine too. Just a really great sounding, well written track. Maybe a bit long, but still great. Crit mine if you feel like it https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=796639
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Lol, I've heard Russian and Middle Eastern. I'll lean towards the latter because..well, I'm brown, haha. Yeah, it feels a bit dragged on. Hoping to get one of my buddies over to do some session vocal work to make the song more interesting as a whole. Glad you enjoyed it.
Exceptionally good song,
& amazing recording quality.
I really loved the part after you go clean.

I wish I had a file of this song,
I'm a vocalist(mostly screaming[highs&lows]),
and would love to overdub a vocal track.
Beatcraft is amazing and cheap

what kit preset did you use?

I use the rock and blues one and slightly adjusted the panning and volumes and added a hat pedal, china cymbol and cowbell and renamed to my own kit
Like somebody said above this indeed reminds me of Opeth a little bit, but in a good way of course (How could anybody take comparison to Opeth as an insult anyway ).

Just get somebody to throw some wicked vocals there and you're all set.
How the hell did you get such a good recording? It's perfectly mastered dude. Sounds professional.