Hey, I really want to record some simple acoustic songs to my computer and maybe have my girlfriend put down some lyrics and I dont have a clue as to what kind of equipment I need! If anyone as some opinions as to what I should get that would be great. I dont need anything really advanced and nothing TOO expensive!
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try cakewalk music creator pro 24 2004, its really great, i got it off limewire, but if you dont wanna risk ****ing up your computer, you can try audacity which is a free download (just google it)...not bad of a recording/editing program with TONS of effects and tweaks...check it out.....if you dont like either then try googling "recording/mixing/editing program" and browse around

for hardware, ummm lets see a good mic if your doing vocals is an MXL 990 http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/MXL-MXL-990-Condenser-Microphone-with-Shockmount?sku=273156 its a great vocal mic and also is a great acoustic mic if you want a better different sound than just plugging in your acoustic/electric, and will set you back about $60, which depending on how much you wanna spend on a recording setup could be a really great price for you or a bit too steep...

if you got another $90 laying around, you can check out this USB/modeling interface for recording an electric guitar as well as a vocal mic digitally to your pc http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Line-6-TonePort-UX1-USB-RecordingModeling-Interface?sku=249700 paired with that MXL mic you got yourself a decent recording setup for $150...not bad i must say...of course you will need an XLR mic cable for the MXL mic and a mic stand and maybe a pop screen to better the vocal tracks, but you can find them on musiciansfriend.com....i hope i have been of some help...good luck!
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A Spider III is meant more for electric guitar. If you want to simply things, get a Zoom A2.1u, which can connect to your computer via USB and has a remarkably wide range of sounds.
For a microphone (you did mention lyrics), you can plug in a USB microphone like a Samson CO1u. You may even use it to bolster your own acoustic's sound by adding your actual sound. An alternative, if you are willing to spend more, is the Rode Podcaster. Don't forget decent closed headphones. For $20 on sale, the Sennheiser HD202 is terrific.
Then, the only thing to consider is the software. For simplicity and full-features, look into Mackie Tracktion. However, if you are sure you don't need anything sophisticated, a basic multitrack like Kristal will work. Use Audacity to master the stereo track in the end.
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Hey guys, just wanted to say thanks! I've been checking all the stuff out and figuring out whats best for me and I'm kinda mixing and matching and I think it'll be a pretty damn decent setup (for me anyways) and for less than 200$ so thanks again!