I hope this doesn't show up twice...my computer sucks.

Anyway, I think everyone was a little evil when they were little, so post your stories.

I remember there used to be a ton of caterpillars by a tree next to my house. I used to burn them with matches, pull them apart, squeeze them so their guts flew out of their faces or squeez their guts onto other caterpillars.
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Haha I would get ants and burn them alive (didn't every bored kid do this though?)

Light stuff on fire... can't really think of much.
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i tried to fly and basically hung myself. woohooooo!
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i tried to fly and basically hung myself. woohooooo!

That's not as sadistic as it is, say, stupid.
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this man is right. everything he says is right. so, stop killing people and get therapy ffs
i would take little rocks and scratch drawings into the paint job of random cars...haha oops
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used to try to catch live flies then rip their wings off and watch em walk around, also, one time i was at my friends house with a little red ryder bb gun, shot a garter snake like 50 times with it, the gun wasnt powerful at all so it was a slow, painful death, more like torture than execution
I did the whole burning insects with a microscope thing.
I also used to catch and kill small fish and then stick firecrackers in their mouths and eyes.
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I stepped on ants and bugs intentionally... . I also put two ants in a mug and made them fight, haha.
repeatedly pissed on our kitchen floor and in all the house plants....
ran around spitting grape juice at people after our brand new carpeting was put in...
would lock all the doors to the bedrooms in the house and close them so people couldn't get in them...
etc...its the little things that drive people crazy.
i took an ax and gave my mother 40 whacks and when i saw what i had done i gave my father 41

pretty fked up
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I killed my cousins dog with a wrench.

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That was a different Feb08er that threatened to suck you off
I remember that

Sadly, I was the threatened.
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Let it be known that I concur with everything this gentleman says, ever.

I remember stomping on ants. Also having "bug wars" where we would put two insects in a jar and watch them fight.
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After we had sex ed at school, me and my best friend taught my little brother to go round the house yelling 'Condom! Condom!' at the top of his voice...he didn't know what it meant...my mother did not appreciate it.
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It was a smaller dog, still scary as ****. It bit my leg, and i was working on a paintball gun with this toolkit so i grabbed a wrench and hit it on the head. didnt mean to kill it.
When I was five I kidnapped a 27 year old. I tied her to my bed and object raped her with a fishtank. Then I let her go... but as she walked away I spit at her... ha ha bitch
The first year we lived in the house I grew up in, I was about seven or eight, and we had this massive ladybug infestation. I would collect them and torture them in a variety of ways, including drowing them in hair products, stabbing needles through them, and burning them with matches. I still feel terrible, because I must have killed over a hundred ladybugs that spring.
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I swallow it whole, like a man.
Flushed stuff down toilets to make them overflow.
I remember taking a whole roll of paper towels and tossed them in a toilet then flushing them.
I've never been evil to animals or anything like that. I was always pretty reserved when I was younger.
And I played starcraft all the time, so...
Call me Wes.
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You're the king... I was 12 before I did the exact same thing.

Ive already graduated to mass murder... and im only 16... you need to start catching up.
I never killed animals, i became a vegetarian it a young age because i love animals.. im cuddling with my 4 lb 6 oz maltese in my bed while posting this so soft..

The worst i've done. hmm.. well i pissed on someone b4.. oh and threw a waterballoon at a motorcycler when he drove by... hit him.. what if he had crashed? i was dumb

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Man you guys are ****ed up jk
yea i used to do the whole insect thing ie burn them
me and my cousin would each get a bug and make them fight to see who would win
once i shot a squirel with a bb gun but it was so cheap the bb hit him in the head the squirell did a backflip and then went into a seizure i lol´d
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